All UK orders are handled through Bass Gear, if you're located in the UK, contact Bass Gear to or purchase one of the cabinets they have in stock or place your order.

If you're interested in ordering, or have any questions, write an e-mail to or get in touch through Facebook:

All speaker cabinets are made to order. Lead time is currently 3-4 weeks for standard cabinets and custom cabinets with "always in stock"-vinyl.

Orders are paid in full in conjunction with ordering. The only methods for payment available at the moment are bank transfer (international bank transfer through BIC/IBAN) and Bankgiro payment (within Sweden). All prices on the website include 25% Swedish VAT. For payments in SEK no other fees are added, payments in other currencies might cost slightly more due to bank exchange rate/fees. Outside of EU no VAT is charged, but local import taxes may apply.

Cabinets are delivered with UPS during working hours on weekdays. Delivery can be made to any address (home/work/other), as long as someone can receive the parcel during working hours. Reasonable shipping costs are offered within the EU and to Norway, but cabinets can be sent worldwide through UPS.

Shipping costs
330 SEK
470 SEK
390 SEK
530 SEK
Large cabinets
470 SEK
630 SEK

When ordering multiple cabinets, shipping cost for the most expensive cabinet to ship is charged at full price, the rest are half off. Examples: 1xS212 and 1xS112 to EU1: 470+330/2 = 635 SEK. 3x 1126 to EU2: 530+2*(530/2) = 1060 SEK

EU1 includes Sweden, Belgium, Denmark Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands (and Norway).
EU2 includes all other EU locations with the exception of the Canary Islands, the Shetland Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

Shipping to Norway follows the EU1 pricing, but does not include VAT/MVA.

Shipping to other locations outside of the EU varies, and need individual quotes.

Orders sent outside the EU
No VAT is charged when ordering outside of the EU, which gives the following prices when ordering:
1126: 5520 SEK
2126: 7760 SEK
H115: 4320 SEK
S112: 2640 SEK
S212: 4240 SEK
S2126: 5520 SEK

SEK currency rate
For a quick check on pricing in another currency, go to Google and enter "5300 SEK in EUR", "4240 SEK in USD", "7760 SEK in NOK" or what conversion you are looking for. This gives a quick estimate, but the final exchange rate is decided by the bank, and might vary a few percent from the Google estimate.