As an optional extra, all cabinets can be made with custom vinyl, grille cloth, or both. Except for the standard black, a few different kinds of vinyl (at the moment white, red and tweed pattern) are always in stock, 24 other ones can be ordered (additional waiting time for special orders). For grille cloth, there are five different kinds of vinyl available for the frame (six for special vinyl) as well as six options for the cloth, a total of over 1000 different looks. Here's just one example:

White vinyl, black frame, beige/black/silver cloth.
For pricing, check each product description.

Vinyl options

There's also the option of ordering S112 cabinets with the nameplate rotated 90 degrees, the main cabinet rubber feet placed to match the nameplate and an extra set of smaller rubber feet on what normally is the underside of the cabinet.
Price: 50 SEK
Here's an example of a "vertical" 112 stack: