H115 [H-1-15]

If the S112 is not enough - the H115 is a not much larger cabinet that goes lower, is louder and also handles more power, around twice of the S112. That makes it a perfect companion to powerful amplifiers for anyone needing a small and loud rig, especially when used in a pair, for a small and powerful 2x15 setup.

A high power amplifier isn't a requirement for the H115, it works just as well with lower power amplifiers, for anyone just looking for the slightly different tone the H115 offers.

Specifications (Specifications explained):

Impedance: 8 Ω
Power handling (high average power test signal): 450 W RMS
Recommended amplifier power: 150-500W RMS @ 8 Ω
Sensitivity[average]: 101 dB SPL @ 1 W/1 m
Sensitivity[100Hz]: 97 dB SPL @ 1 W/1 m
Sensitivity[max]: 104 dB SPL @ 1,7 kHz, 1 W/1 m
Frequency response (-10db): 40 Hz - 4 kHz
Displacement: 505 cm³
Measurements (WxHxD): 52x46x44 cm
Weight: 14 kg

5400 SEK

Optional extras:
Tweeter (with attenuator): 750 SEK
V-frame: 500 SEK
"In stock" vinyl (other than black): 250 SEK
Special order vinyl: 600 SEK
Padded speaker cover: 500 SEK
Speaker cable: 100-180 SEK depending on connector type (see link)

Sound samples(more sound samples here):
Without tweeter
With tweeter (no attenuation)