Cabinets wider than 52 cm

52 cm is the standard width of the cabinets, wide enough for all "micro" amplifiers available, and also wide enough for a 19" rack plus case/sleeve. If you need a cabinet wider than this, there are two options:

1) - The "W"-configuration, as pictured to the right. A 61 cm wide cabinet (61x63x40 cm), wide enough for most valve amplifiers. The S2126 and S212 are available in W-configuration. Specifications other than outer measurements are the same as the corresponding S-cabinets.

Price: An additional 300 SEK from the price of the S-cabinet.

2) - An extra set of rubber feet and nameplate aligned for an extra wide cabinet. The cabinet still has the standard set of rubber feet and handles for ease of transportation. See this image of a S212, W2126 and a modified H115:

Price: 50 SEK extra.

Please note that dispersion for the S212 changes drastically when placing the cabinet on the side. Vertically aligned speakers gives a much more even dispersion. For the 6"-equipped cabinets the difference is smaller, but they still lose some mid range since less reaches ear level with the speakers placed further down.

All optional extras as vinyl, grille cloth and tweeter apply to the wide cabinets with the same prices as their standard counterparts.